Don’t let my small frame and innocent face confuse you into thinking I am not able to wrestle you to the ground and pin you. I am trained by one of the top wrestlers in Northern Ireland, and I am able to use my body to its full potential at all times within the ring, as well as outside it. I use grapple work a lot in ring as well as my quickness to move from one position to another effectively, making it nearly impossible for anyone to outwit me.


Where is the best place to be when serving Pixie? You all know already. Beneath my feet worshipping them! Worship my bare feet or be prepared to lick the soles of my boots clean. Either way you will be where you love to be. Go on book in - you know you need to.


I love and adore sessioning with people who have the following fetishes. Also if you want to enquire about something that is not on the list, simply ask!

foot fetish


shoe worship

stocking worship




animial training

tv makeovers

double domination


corporal punishment

needle insertion

rubber confinement

leather confinement


ball busting

maid training

domestic chores

shopping trips

Gut punching


public humiliation

hairdressing torture

office bitch scenarios




I'm a financial domme who wants nothing more than to take all your money. You're broke? Not my problem. All of you belongs to Me. I'll fuck up your mind, AND your wallet.

Think you can handle a real time session, come visit me in my city centre chambers!

If you think you have enough cash to be My little piggy, email me at: [email protected] Be prepared to pay, immediately. After all, serving Me gives you meaning in your otherwise, mundane, pathetic life.


Tag team wrestling with Pixie Quinn and Mistress Lucrezia!

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